İngilizce » Türkçe Yukarı
is {bak.} be; as is {tic.} şimdiki haliyle, olduğu gibi.
is bak. be.
is is îz ·(bakınız) "be"
is {bak.} be; as is {tic.} şimdiki haliyle, olduğu gi
is ol

Türkçe » İngilizce Yukarı
  • [N] soot, black, smut
  • [A] job, working, occupational, regulation
  • [ABBR] biz
  • [N] work, thing: things to do, job, occupation, profession, business, trade, concern, affair, function, piece of work, work: works, working, activity, appointment, assignment, ball game, billet, calling, cause, commerce, dealing, deed, doing, mission, doing: doings, employment, gig, handiwork, metier, operation, piece, place, ploy, post, pursuit, shop, show, stint, task, workings, spindle
  • [PREF] ergo-
  • [N] racket
ıs owner, legal owner.

1. work, labor.
2. job, employment, work.
3. duty, job.
4. occupation, line of work, work.
5. business, trade, commerce.
6. business, matter, affair.
7. the important thing; the chief problem.
8. secret or dubious side {of an affair}.
9. slang trick.
10. event, something.
11. way of behaving; course of action.
12. something worth doing.
13. phys. work.

__ler açılmak for trade to become brisk.

__inin adamı a man who knows his job.

__ akdi labor contract.

__in alayında olmak not to take {a thing} seriously; to take {it} as a joke.

__ten alıkoymak /ı/ to interrupt {someone} at his work.

__i Allaha kalmak {for someone} to be in the soup, be beyond help.

__i altın. colloq. He is prospering.

__ten anlamak to know what one is doing, know one´s business.

__ anlaşmazlığı labor dispute.

__ten artmaz, dişten artar. proverb You save money not by making more but by spending less.

__ten atmak /ı/ to fire, dismiss.

__ ayağa düşmek for a project to fall into the hands of irresponsible and incompetent people.

__i azıtmak to go too far, overstep the mark.

__ine bak. colloq. Mind your own business.

__e bakmak to get to work on something; to be at work on something.

__e balta ile girişmek to set about doing something like a bull in a china shop.

__ başa düşmek to have to do something oneself.

__ başarı belgesi letter of recommendation, recommendation.

__in başı the crux, the central point.

__ başında
1. on the job.
2. during work time.

__ başındakiler the leaders.

__i başından aşmak/aşkın olmak to be extremely busy.

__ başında bulunmak to be working.

__ başına geçmek to take the lead; to come to power.

__ler becermek to be up to no good.

__i bırakmak
1. to quit a job.
2. to stop working.
3. to go on strike.

__ten {bile} değil! colloq. It´s very easy.

__ bilenin kılıç kuşananın. proverb
1. The person who knows how to use something properly is the one who is entitled to possess it.
2. Possession creates a claim of ownership.

__ bilmek to be skillful; to be capable.

__ini bilmek
1. to know how to exploit a situation to one´s own advantage.
2. to be conscientious about one´s job.
3. to be well-qualified for one´s job.

__ birlikli collective, joint, common.

__ bitirmek
1. to complete a job successfully.
2. {for something} to be suitable for the job in hand.

__ini bitirmek
1. to finish one´s own work.
2. /ın/ to finish {another´s} job.
3. /ın/ colloq. to cook {someone´s} goose.
4. /ın/ colloq. to finish off, bump off, kill.

__ bitmek
1. for an affair to be settled.
2. /dan/ for the outcome of a job to depend on {someone´s} efforts.

__i bitmek
1. for a job in hand to finish.
2. colloq. to be very tired, be worn to a frazzle.

__i bozulmak for one´s business affairs or an undertaking to go awry/take a downward turn.

__ buyurmak /a/ to order {someone} around; to tell {someone} to do a job.

__ çatallanmak for a job to get complicated.

__ çığırından çıkmak for a situation to get out of hand.

__ çıkarmak
1. to do a lot of work.
2. /a/ to give {a person} something disagreeable to do.
3. to cause trouble; to create difficulties.

__ çıkmak
1. for work to be done/be turned out/be produced.
2. for trouble or a problem to come up/arise.

__ çıkmaza girmek for things to reach an impasse.

__ dayıya düştü. colloq. It´s time for an expert to take over.

__ donu shalwars, very baggy trousers.

__i dökmek /a/
1. unintentionally to become, turn into: İşi öğretmenliğe döktü. He´s unintentionally become a teacher.
2. to act as if: İşi oyuna döktü. He acted as if it were a game.

__i duman olmak slang to be in the soup, be in trouble.

__ düşmek /a/ for a job or duty to fall to or on.

__i düşmek /a/
1. to have to go {somewhere or to someone} on business.
2. to need {someone´s} help.

__ edinmek /ı/ to make {something} one´s special concern.

__ten el çektirmek /a/ to remove {someone} from office.


__inin eri a person who does his job well.

__ geçiştirme perfunctory work.

__ine gelmek to suit one´s interests, accord with one´s plans.

__e girişmek to embark on a job enthusiastically.

__e girmek to become employed, begin working.

__ görmek
1. {for someone} to work, do a task.
2. {for something} to be of use, be of service.

__ini görmek
1. to do one´s job.
2. to work, do the job.
3. /ın/ to do {another´s} work.
4. /ın/ colloq. to give {someone} a beating.
5. /ın/ colloq. to kill {someone}.

__ görmezlik nedeniyle because of a physical disability.

__ göstermek /a/ to give {someone} a job to do.

__ine gücüne bakmak to mind one´s own business.

__i gücü yok. colloq.
1. He´s unemployed.
2. He´s an idler.

__ güç
1. occupation, one´s work or trade.
2. miscellaneous bits of work.
3. a thing that needs to be done.

__ten güçten kalmak to be kept from doing one´s work.

__ hukuku labor laws.

__in içinden çıkamamak to be unable to work out a solution.

__in içinden çıkmak
1. to escape from a difficult situation; to get out of doing something complicated.
2. to work out a solution for something complicated.

__in içinde iş var. colloq. There is something behind all this.

__in içinden sıyrılmak to escape from a difficult situation; to get out of doing something complicated.

__ inada binmek
1. for a dispute to turn into a battle of wills.
2. to be stubbornly determined to succeed in doing something.

__ insanın aynasıdır. proverb One can learn a lot about a person by seeing how he works.

__imiz iş! colloq. We are lucky!

__i iş olmak for {one´s} affairs to go very well.

__ işten geçmek for it to be too late to do anything about something.

__ işlemek to do embroidery.

__inden kalmak to be kept from doing work, be interrupted.

__ kanunu {a} labor law, {a} law governing relations between employers and employees.

__ karıştırmak
1. to confuse the situation, complicate things.
2. to set people against each other.

__ kazası work-related accident; industrial accident.

__e koşmak /ı/ to make {someone} do a job.

__ medreseye düşmek for something to become the subject of endless discussion.

__in mi yok? colloq. Don´t you have anything better to do?/ That´s ridiculous!/It´s not worth your time!/Don´t waste time on it!

__ odası office, business office.

__ ola/olsun! colloq. What he´s doing is eyewash, not real work.

__ olacağına varır. proverb What´s been ordained to happen will surely happen./You can´t change what´s predestined to happen.

__i olmak
1. to have work to do.
2. for something to turn out well.
3. to be a job that can only be handled by {a certain person}.
4. /la/ to have to contend with {a difficult person}.

__inden olmak to lose one´s job.

__i oluruna bırakmak/bağlamak to let matters take their natural course.

__ olsun diye
1. so as to appear busy.
2. merely for the sake of doing it, for no particular reason at all.

__ peşinde koşmak
1. to go hither and thither in order to get a job done.
2. to go about in search of a job.

__i pişirmek
1. to have done everything necessary to make something succeed.
2. {for two lovers} to begin to sleep with each other, begin to have sexual intercourse with each other.

__i rast gitmek
1. for {one´s} affairs to go well.
2. to have luck on {one´s} side, be in luck.

__i resmiyete dökmek to make an existing situation official.

__i sağlama/sağlam kazığa bağlamak to take measures to ensure that a matter will turn out as desired.

__ sarpa sarmak for something to become complicated.

__in sonu the outcome.

__ sözleşmesi labor contract.

__ şirazesinden çıkmak for a situation to get out of hand.

__i tıkırında. colloq. His business is flourishing./He´s doing very well.

__ tutmak
1. to take a job, become employed.
2. to embark on a project.

__in ucu bana dokundu. colloq. In the end it was I who suffered./In the end I suffered as well.

__ üç nalla bir ata kaldı. colloq. He starts fantasizing at the drop of a hat.

__ var. colloq. /da/
1. He´s a capable person./He can get things done.
2. It´s something that can be of use.

__im var. I´m busy. İ

__ ve İşçi Bulma Kurumu the Turkish Employment Office {a government bureau}.

__ vermek /a/ to show {someone} the work to be done; to assign {someone} a task.

__ yapımı performance, accomplishment.

__ yapmak to work.

__ yaptın. colloq. You´ve spoiled it all.

__e yaramak to be useful, be of use, come in handy.

__e yaramaz useless. {...}

__ yok. /da/ colloq. ... is/are no good/of no benefit.: O arabayı alma. Onda iş yok. Don´t buy that car. It´s no good.

__i yokuşa sürmek to make trouble about something.


__leri yolunda olmak for things to go well.

__i yüzüne gözüne bulaştırmak to make a complete mess of something.