Türkçe » İngilizce Yukarı
  • [V] want, wish, will, desire, ask for, ask, request, like, long, hope, bespeak, call for, call on, call upon, choose, claim, court, demand, enjoin, exact, fancy, hanker, intend, invite, require, requisition, seek, solicit, spoil: be spoiling for, sue, sue for
1. /ı/ to want, desire, wish.
2. /dan, ı/ to ask {someone} for {something}.
3. /ı/ to ask to see or talk to {someone}.
4. to be necessary; to require.
5. /ı/ to ask for {a woman} in marriage.

1. unwillingly, reluctantly.
2. involuntarily, accidentally. İstemez. colloq. I don´t want it./It is not required. isteyerek
1. willingly, gladly, of one´s own accord.
2. on purpose, intentionally. İsteyenin bir yüzü kara, vermeyenin iki yüzü. proverb A person who has to ask for something is shamed, but a person who refuses him is doubly shamed. İstemem diyenden korkmalı. proverb Beware of the person who says of something, ´´I don´t want it.´´ istediği gibi at koşturmak/oynatmak to do as one pleases {without regard for others}. ister istemez
1. perforce, like it or not.
2. as soon as requested. İstemem, yan cebime koy. colloq. He is pleased to get what he seems to be refusing.
istemek * to want, desire, wish. * to ask {someone} for {something}. * to ask to see or talk to {someone}. * to be necessary; to require. * to ask for {a woman} in marriage.
istemek ask
istemek beg

Türkçe » İngilizce İlişkili Sonuçlar Yukarı
akıl istemek
  • [V] advice: ask smb. for advice
barış istemek
  • [V] olive-branch: hold out the olive-branch
canı istemek
  • [V] feel like, mood: be in the mood to, fancy
çılgınca istemek
  • [V] lust after
daha çok istemek
  • [V] better: like better
değerinden az fiyat istemek
  • [V] undercharge
delice istemek
  • [V] gaga: go gaga over
demek istemek
  • [V] mean, get at, drive at, connote, purport
fahiş fiyat istemek
  • [V] stick it on
fazla istemek
  • [V] surcharge
geri istemek
  • [V] want back, reclaim, recall
hastalık izni istemek
  • [V] sick leave: request sick leave
hatalı üretilen ürünü telâfi için geri istemek
  • [V] call back
ısrarla istemek
  • [V] solicit, exact, importune
iadesini istemek
  • [V] reclaim, call in
iflasını istemek
  • [V] bankrupt: declare oneself a bankrupt
ima ile istemek
  • [V] angle for
imdat istemek
  • [V] help: cry for help
oturmasını istemek
  • [V] seated: ask smb. to be seated
ödenmesini istemek
  • [V] call in, dun