Türkçe » İngilizce Yukarı
canım Word for expressing affection. Similar to sweetheart or honey. The literal meaning is my life.
canim Misspelled version of canım. Literal meaning is `My life`. It is used to express affection, similar to sweetheart or honey.
canım * darling, honey, my dear. * my dear fellow; my dear lady ({often used in reproach or objection}.) * precious, lovely.
canım beloved
canım darling

Türkçe » İngilizce İlişkili Sonuçlar Yukarı
  • [INTRJ] darling!, dear!, honey!, sweety!, sweetie!, sweetheart!, dearling!, precious: my precious!, honeybun!, honeybunch!
hadi canım!
  • [INTRJ] come along!, come off it!, come now!, get along with you!
yok canım!
  • [INTRJ] come on!, come now!
canım ciğerim * my darling.
Hadi canım sen de! * Who do you think you're kidding?/Don't feed me that bull!
Haydi canım sen de! konuşma dili * Who do you think you're kidding?/Don't feed me that bull!
Yok canım! konuşma dili * I wouldn't think of it!/I wouldn't dream of it! * You can't be serious!/You're having me on! * That's not the case./You've misunderstood.
canım! dear
İİ. canım love
hadi canım come along, come off it, come now, get along with you interj.
yok canım come on, come now interj.